Window & Door Restoration Services

From a simple mechanical tune-up to a "full" comprehensive restoration, we have professional services to meet your needs.

We’ll tune-up your windows or doors to not just work freely but also be energy efficient.

  • Concealed weatherstripping can be installed
  • Hardware restored or broken glass replaced
  • Other minor improvements made

We’ll remove your windows/doors for a shop-predominant restoration service that provides better performance with improved esthetics. This is a shorter-term approach rather than our full-restoration process

  • New weatherstripping,
  • Removal of loose glazing/paint
  • Repairs
  • new finish work.

This is our best, longest-term approach that is the highest quality service..

  • Remove your windows/doors,
  • Temporarily secure the openings
  • Complete restoration at the shop
  • Removal of all paint (leaded and more contemporary)
  • Complete new glazing
  • Repairs
  • New weatherstripping
  • Expert finishing
  • Re-installation