David Rogers

Neil Mozer brings old windows back to life by restoring the beauty of their historic glass and making them work for you again. He’s done three projects in my home in Takoma Park over the years. Am I glad I spent the extra for his skill? Just every day I open, close or look out through those windows.

In Washington’s climate, I’d encourage anyone with old wooden windows to give it a try. Take it bit-by-bit as we did, maybe one room at a time to see what I am talking about.

The energy savings are real. Better to pay Pepco or reward a local craftsman? But the great joy for me is the beauty of seeing something old come alive again and work as it should. You don’t see a lot of that today.

Yes, it costs more and takes time and planning while the window is away. But I’ve seen the invoices. Your dollars will be paying for craft and a ton of local labor to do the job right and make something work. That’s a good investment in any time but especially given our current state.

David Rogers