Tips for a Successful Project

To ensure a seamless project, please review the key points below:

- Move your personal effects and window treatments away from the window area so we can work freely and per the EPA lead law. By following the EPA's guidelines, you can avoid any undue financial penalty.
- Make your payments and make them on time. We are a small company. Your payments are used to provide continuous working capital (labor, materials, and overhead). Your neglect to pay in a timely manner limits our ability to maintain a high service
- Provide us with your paint information, two colors with respective finishes, on time.
- Respond to our need for your decisions on your glass or hardware issues. There are variable issues that happen but are difficult to foresee. When they arise, we need your help to resolve them so we can keep your project on track.
- Ask questions! We try to share information and communicate the phenotype of our work. Regardless, the message or recipient may have been confused or unclear. Please let us know if you need something explained further.
- Be patient. Olde windows are not perfect and they have their own personalities. An unforeseen issue may arise and your windows might need more help.
- If you like our service, be willing to share with your neighbors, family, and friends that restoration makes sense.