Restoration specialists

Our full restoration service was developed from over 20 years of experience and it pays tribute to the age, original craftsmanship, and inherent durability and beauty of your old windows and doors. Our intention is to restore them for another century of service with minimal maintenance.

We follow National Park Service guidelines for restoration and we respect that it requires time, patience and attention to detail. The wait is well worth it. But it requires us to remove your old windows and doors from their openings, temporarily secure those openings, spend hours in the shop and then return to re-install them. They look like new and our clients fall back in love with them as they return to their original place of grandeur.

This time they’ll have new weatherstripping (concealed), new glazing, new repairs, and new finish work so they won’t be a source of frustration, but one of joy. We have four focus areas that encompass this process: functionality, energy-efficiency, longevity, and esthetics.