Wood windows may be 100 years old or more, that's a testament to their enduring nature. What new windows can you buy nowadays that will last half as long? A restoration can give those old windows an entire second life. Sure, plastic replacement windows could cost less, but are not built to last (35% fail within 10 years). Wood replacements do not match your home’s original architecture and are not made of old-growth wood. Yes, wood is not generic and is to be distinguished. Old windows are made of old-growth wood that is far superior to modern lumber where trees can reach maturity in15-20 years. Old growth lumber came from old-growth trees that grew for 80-120 years and then were made into our nation's cultural heritage: our buildings, our bridges, our ships. This wood, which mostly has disappeared from the continent, is not just our heritage but a treasure, something to value and restore if it's needed. Replacement windows are not made to be repaired, just replaced. Your old-growth wooden windows were well made originally with hand-rolled and hand-cut antique glass that's also authentic to your home's architecture. Those windows can be restored timer and again to boast their inherent beauty of those materials, the fine craftsmanship, and the artisanal care that was invested in them.